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Commercial Framing in Edmonton, Calgary and Spruce Grove

At Golden Touch Construction Inc, we do not just build simple high-performance commercial structures, we design and assemble a custom steel or wood framed structure just for you. We help build the foundation of a space that will house crucial moments and facilitate business for you, your clients and your employees. Our process places you at the center of the project. Motivated by our family values, we put you in control and allow you to build the house you envision in the time you had planned with the help of our technical expertise.

At Golden Touch Construction Inc, we want to make the framing process an enjoyable experience. This is a challenge that we embrace with pleasure. We seek to simplify the process without compromising on structural integrity, quality or design. We are known to deliver outstanding results, no matter the size of your project.

Steel Framing Construction

Intelligent and Fast Construction: Golden Touch Construction Inc has been leaders in the industry of commercial framing and general contracting for many years. We have the experience, skills and cutting-edge industry technology to build steel frames quickly, safely and effectively. Our innovative work methods allow for construction to take place from start to finish on site with a speed that traditional methods just cannot match. The high quality galvanized steel components used in Golden Touch Construction Inc projects are precision engineered using 3D design software and then laser cut using the same technology used to fabricate the parts, meaning your structure will be built with high-quality materials that are made to last.

Advantages of Steel Framing Construction


Not only is steel recyclable, unlike wood or concrete, but our Golden Touch Construction Inc work ethic is so precise that there is very little waste left on site as a result of the assembly of the structure. We work hard to guarantee a minimal ecological footprint. Unfortunately, 60% of the waste found in landfills comes from construction sites. Every day, we seek to change this statistic for the better. Being ecological can save you money as well, and we are always looking to save our clients extra dollars when we can. Wasting materials mean you end up paying not just for the wasted materials, but also for their pickup, container rentals, and the extra labor associated with doing so.


To find out more about the potential advantages that you can enjoy when working with Golden Touch Construction Inc, call us today. Our team of licensed, qualified and experienced professionals is committed to working safely and efficiently, and that translates into the integrity of your structure. Find out what so many satisfied customers have been raving about and contact Golden Touch Construction Inc today!

Our steel framing structures can be assembled on any type of pre-existing foundation. Our system allows your commercial structure to evolve over time by giving you the ability to add windows, change exterior cladding or move partitions and reconfigure space, at any time, without affecting the integrity of the structure.

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